Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Things to keep in mind

Disclaimer: I try to follow all the below and try hard. Have formulated some of these rules through the mistakes I have made. The below are from my twitter account so some words have been shortened. You can follow me @roshandsilva

Never say anything bad about anyone. The A$$h0!$$ will communicate it to the person out of context.

Treat your team members as adults and individuals. Delegate power and set easy goals, measure performance.

As a leader be gracious and magnanimous. The wins are always of the team and the failures are yours personally.

Criticize in private and defend in public. Never underestimate the value to a subordinate of a leader who bats for him.

Leader's professional life will be lonely. Surround yourself in personal life with people who love you unconditionally.

Battle cynicism and people hiding under their desks. Get everyone to come out, bat for the company all guns blazing.

Prep ur team for an iterative process of market discovery. Many CEOs don't realize how disconcerting change and pivots are for team.

In tough times, forget sales, investors, focus on your team and making sure existing customers get high quality delivery.

Never tell people what to do. Suggest and steer. Let them come up with solutions and suggestions.

Management is baggage. Make sure the producers outnumber the bean counters by a healthy ratio

CEO travel is overrated. Plan outcomes and expectations, decisions before the meeting. Meet to close not to gettoknow.

Important as a leader to belv in God. Helps to ensure you do the right thing and endure the inevitable pain!!

Never let what other people say or do upset you. Focus on bettering yourself and doing good. Have faith that it will pay off

Take things at face value without discounting for bullshit. It will ensure that in the long run people throw less of it at u.

Genuinely wish for peers to do well. Leadership similar to golf. You play only against yourself. Others achievements/ failures don't affect ur handicap. 

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