Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some CEO tips from Twitter

Feeling a bit lazy on a sunday so thought I would cross post some of my tweets. Here goes the first series: essentially a random set of tips for CEOs

  • Most important rule: You might be tech/sales/BD/product guy but in a startup CEO is most imp. HR guy
  • Sacrifice air/hotl miles, spend time in office w/ team. Listen, co-ordi and measure - let others acquire miles,see exotic places
  • Imp CEO lesson: u r not a judge. Be a mavrick, treat diff. People differently based on the badges and scars they have earned.
  • Set audacious goals - imagine you are trying to overthrow a dictator. Ensure team w/ skills to scale such heights. Not done it before.
  • Ensure u connect with each individual and commit to taking care of whatever is most imp. For them so they can focus totally
  • Another lesson: Remove separation between two txns with one entity and link them together if u benefit #reliance style
  • Talk abt other party's P&L while keeping ur cashflow mind w dealin w bigcos. Few CEOs and BDguys knw tis trick& so do smll deals
  • If u r doing a deal with some1 with no cash down, can u get further with money on table. can they give u credit to give cash??!!
  • And finally - as the CEO be the good guy at the top and 'Do what you say you will do' - people must trust u to b sensible
  • Never indulge in mud wrstlin/street figtin-is not done by CEOs - startup or big co. Boardroom battles are fine ;-)
  • trust ur team.B clear that u will not police,violation of trust is death. U r after all overthrowin dictator
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