Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life should be busy

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So I watched two people living their lives recently and they've inspired me to work harder. One is of course the Indian Film Star Shahrukh Khan who I've been following on twitter. He's either got a very good team around him or else it's inspiring to see him put in the effort to connect with his fans. I am seriously amazed that he spends time responding to queries, interacting with his fans and showing off his personal side. The tweets come in really late at night and so I imagine he must be a workaholic.

The other person who I noticed is Dr. Nozer Sheriar - our baby doctor. He's one of the well known baby doctors in Mumbai and I was very inspired to see that on a regular day he works till mid-night. A doctor's job as you all know is not like a regular desk job. He was seeing a patient every 15mins and I don't think a single patient went away with a feeling that the doctor did not give her the necessary time and attention. I remember thinking the same when visiting Dr. Milind Kirtane - a very renowned ENT specialist in Mumbai along with my dad. His appointment slots were of 15mins each and needed to be booked 15 days in advance. I'm don't know if it was a stroke of luck or providence but in a 15minute consultation he diagnosed and fixed an ailment that my dad has been battling for over 15 years with multiple specialists across the globe. These two Doctors and a lot of the other doctors must love their work in order to sacrifice their personal life, rest, relaxation etc. for it.

I am inspired to work longer hours and put in even more energy into meeting my professional goals having seen these people. Thanks Guys!!
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  1. you know, you don't realize it, but you're an inspiration too. most people end up saving themselves, wasting and waiting, to find the one thing worth putting it all in for. yet you somehow always knew that it's not that much on what you do, but more on how you go about doing it! all the best. and btw, as always, it's good post. :-)


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