Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meeting with our Property Agent

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We're making daily trips to Kandivali nowadays as me and Hemisha get ready to move into our new apartment - works been going on for the past month and we're a good month from moving in - another story altogether!! We bumped into the agent who helped us buy our apartments. A bit of real estate agent speak / gossip:-

1. The market has completely turned around. People are all positive and investing big time into property. Six months ago has been forgotten.
2. He sees rates moving upwards as the properties under construction get closer to completion.
3. Seems dahisar check naka is moving 20km further north and so that whole area will get decongested - this was while he was trying to hard sell us on the Lodha property at Dahisar.
4. There is a new flyover coming up from Dahisar to the fountain restaurant signal which means travel will really speed up.
5. It seems the centre and the state are really working well together as they are both controlled by the Congress - so lots of progress in the pipeline.
6. 5 years and there should be positive changes in Kandivali East - Mahindra to redevelop their factory area, slums to move and a big road to come up.n
7. He sees rates going up even in Kandivali to 10,000Rs. a sq. foot.

Now what remains to be seen is how much is fact and how much is fiction - or more realistically how much of this remains at the blueprint stage for the lack of political will to implement. Anyhow, good to hear the bullish gossip once in a while. He did say something which I do agree with - With markets moving up, every one is now enthusiastic and that causes everyone to move ahead with positive energy.

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