Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things that keep me thinking in these times

* How to identify where the low hanging fruit are so that cash for expansion can be generated from operations.
* How to grow the overall market as opposed to just taking market share away from others with entrenched relationships.
* How to improve the way we measure productivity so we can monitor and improve it.
* How to bring in a certain 'organizational rhythm' so that everyone wakes up every morning fairly in control of his life and knowing what he is expected to do.
* What areas to prioritize and how to be nice when postponing certain opportunities.
* How to ensure that all staff members see the big picture and don't feel the daily revenue pain that I definitely feel. I feel they can focus more on their job with better results if they do this.
* How to pick the few things that are really urgent and to put everything else on the back burner so that they can be fixed in serial order.
* How to identify the people hiding under their tables and to let them know nicely that I am watching and don't consider it the right thing for leaders to do.

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