Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions

Sorry everyone for not really posting much. Myself and Hemisha took a small diving break to coincide with our anniversary and then have been spending quality time in Mangalore with parents, brother and large number of relatives. It's been tiring as this is the wedding season in Mangalore and we've been out every day eating out and dancing, socializing non-stop. I've hardly had some rest to think.

Well it's a New Year and this year I want to make some easy resolutions which I have some shot of keeping:-
1. To become a nicer gentler person overall esp. in my interactions with family.
2. To improve my pathetic fitness.
3. To spend more time working during the week and do absolutely no official work on the weekends.
4. Go out more - both on the official front with meetings and on the social side.

Let's see how it goes!!

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