Saturday, December 13, 2008

The daily routine

Saturdays and Sundays are my relaxed days. For the past month, I've been on a tough schedule that I love. It's made me feel much better. Here is what it looks like:-

5:30a.m. - Alarm goes off. Try to wake up
5:55a.m. - Watch U.S. markets closing reports on CNBC, check google finance, email on blackberry, Paytronic sales and new merchant sign up reports.
6:10a.m. - Head to the gym
6:20-7:45a.m. - Gym - primarily the treadmill (preparing for the mumbai marathon) and some light weights
8:00-8:15a.m. - Do some laps in the pool
8:40a.m. - Back home
8:40-9:20a.m. - Breakfast, Read the papers (The Mint in detail, Glance through the ToI), Get ready for work
9:30a.m. - Get to office (benefits of living next to work)
7:45p.m. - 10:30p.m. - Social time - The general routine is to have dinner at home and spend some time with Hemisha and watch some TV though we regularly also go out for dinner or a movie (the PVRs at Oberoi mall or Juhu are our usual destinations.)
10:30p.m. - Bed time (unless I have conf. calls with the U.S. when this gets extended to about 11:30p.m.)

Saturdays and Sundays I have a much more relaxed schedule. I don't go to the gym or Pool and try and leave work a bit earlier (6:30ish). Try to use this time to catch up on reading, meet up with friends and other start-up people and also for other personal stuff. I like having a routine. Have had once since the beginning when I became an entrepreneur. I like it as it brings some predictability into my otherwise very unpredictable life.

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