Sunday, May 25, 2008

Interesting Sunday

Me and Hemisha had an interesting Sunday. Started the day by tracking the elections in Karnataka (my home state) and then lunch followed by a late afternoon brainless movie - Be Kind Rewind - Do watch it if you want to see the English equivalent of a Govinda movie and my guarantee- you will use the word Sweded many times in the following week. Something interesting - we watched it at the new Oberoi Mall and seated with us during the movie was Kumaramangalam Birla and family - He's the 7th richest Indian. I was very impressed by how down-to-earth he and his family was. They stood in line with us at the box office, spent about an hour walking around the mall killing time before the movie and I guess had a good time through it. It's nice to see a billionaire from one of India's wealthiest families making efforts to ensure he and his family live a normal down to earth life. On another note, I'm definitely getting a feeling now that the change that started in India about 2 years ago is now becoming visible. You have the first of the world class malls, residential complexes etc. getting ready and it's exciting to see the country modernize itself. But thats the topic of another post!!!

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