Friday, September 07, 2007

Officially engaged

Hi everyone,
this week has probably been the most significant one of my life till
date. Those of you who know me know that me and Hemisha have been
going steady for quite some time now. We've finally gotten engaged and
have set a date of 23rd december in mumbai for the wedding. Looking
forward to seeing all my friends there. p.s. Please avoid calling my
india mobile as i am overseas and roaming is very (ouch) expensive!!


  1. Congratulations !!

  2. Hey, Congratulations !!

  3. cool i will surely b there ha even if u dont invite me. u get married and i dont come, its not rite na.

  4. Hi ,

    This is Manohar, from DOHA-QATAR.

    Earlier used to be an IT Manager with MODERN TEXTILE GROUP, RAJASTHAN and other subsidiaries liek MODERN TERRY TOWELS-AHMEDABAD also.

    Roshan, what you say about Mobile Banking ? Is it a HOT thing in Middle East ? I would like to tie up with an Indian company in this field, but would like to know the business opportunities in Middle East. Please advise

    Meanwhile, my HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS for your decision to shift in your Qualification. Losing your BACHELORS Degree and getting a MASTERS !!!!!!


  5. A Christmas wedding - how delightful! Congrats to you & yours!


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