Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catching up on reading

Have been catching up on reading. As the last few weeks have been hectic did not get the time to read much. So on a surprisingly free Saturday (Mumbai was off for Ganesh Chathurti) I went down to crossword - a bookstore here and bought three books -

The Dhando Investor - Mohnish Pabrai - an excellent book. It's very cocise and I've already finished reading the same

The Black Swan - The Impact of the Highly Improbable - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The history of India after Gandhi - Ramachandra Guha

I like reading history usually and am looking forward to the last book. Any suggestions from people out there of other books that are must reads?


  1. Am a big history buff myself & the last book sounds great! Let us have a review when done!

    I suggest Shantaram (if you've not read it already), it's based on a true story and set in Bombay so is twice the fun for someone from our city.

  2. I've attempted to read Shantaram but it's just too verbose for me.


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