Thursday, August 02, 2007

Motivated people

Am in dubai. Was waiting in a cafe for a meeting when i overheard an
interesting discussion two indian guys at the next table were having.
One of the guys (about 44 years old) was basically telling the other
guy how he grew up in a hindi medium school and learnt how to speak
english with the right diction and improved his vocabulary by
listening to the bbc radio and voice of america studiously over years.
He was obviously a senior sales guy pep talking his junior but it made
me appreciate his dedication and focus in improving himself. Its
something i feel thats sadly lacking in my generation. Very few of us
feel we need to improve our lots. Probably the indian job market is
such that anyone who speaks english gets a job. Sad times these are.
Its very rare to find one of those hard working guys who is
continuously adding value to himself where he will mature into a
rockstar by the mid forties.

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