Sunday, June 10, 2007

My first blog meet

Had a very busy Saturday. On site Customer meeting that went on from 11:30a.m. till half past 3. Had a quick bite with office team members where the conversation took the usual turn- one of the guys is facing the biggest of those problems that an Indian male faces - getting married. Well interesting problems aside, had lunch and then went about finishing off some long pending work.

This weekend promises to be lazy. Hemisha is in Dahanu (where she grew up and her parents live) and after a long time I'm having a weekend with absolutely nothing to do. Decided to make the most of Saturday night and attend the Mumbai bloggers meet-up. Interesting meet organized by two very enterprising ladies - Sakshi and Melody. They managed to pull in quite a crowd at Seijo - a fashionable bandra nightspot and I was impressed by their energy levels - it's tough work being the life of the party. Good work Ladies!! Met quite a few interesting people who were all very passionate about blogging. Left early to spend some quality time on the phone and then got home. Made some pasta and then spent some time in Silence. It's actually an amazing feeling. The work week is a blur and then you are in your living room, all alone with a realization that you are in the midst of absolute silence. After a long time you have a totally free Sunday. I'm tempted to call the Intercon and book myself for an Ayurvedic massage but refrain. I'm gonna try out Marc Andreesen's formula for success - not keeping a schedule. If I still feel like it tomm. I'll walk into the spa and ask them if they have a free slot. Do some reading. Hit the sack. Very happy.

Sunday morning.
Wake up at 6 - This is a routine. I always wake up at 6 on a daily basis. Realize that I have nothing to do. Go back to sleep.
Wake up again- Spend 15 mins in bed fooling around with my cell phone and sending out some SMSes. Walk out to my entrance and open my door. Look below and am stunned to see the newspaper there. This is the first reminder that this is my chilled sunday. My daily routine involves me getting up at 6, stumbling to the door, opening it hoping to see my newspapers - the DNA and Mint, and realizing that the delivery guy has not yet come in. It's only 6 after-all. This happens religiously everyday. Today there is a newspaper there. No mint though -they don't have a sunday paper. I pick up the newspaper walk into the living room and check the time. It's 8:30a.m. That explains why the paper is here early.

Go through the morning activities, look in the fridge- see some pre-boiled pasta from yesterday night which I use to make some breaker. This is my second deviation from routine. On a daily basis breaker for me has to involve an egg. It's a habit that has just gotten into me post my IIT days. Go through the newspaper and then get on my computer. Spend an hour going through various articles on Trader Daily - the online offering from Trader Monthly. They've come out with their list of best cities for a trader to be based - Dubai is 4th worldwide and Mumbai is 46th. I agree broadly though I would put dubai more around 10th and Mumbai 90th or so. Frankly the place lacks a decent airport and the internet infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired.

Decide to make a blog post. After typing for what seems like an hour, look at the computer clock - It's only 10:20a.m. Damn why does time fly so slow when you are trying to chill.


  1. Was nice meeting ya....glad to know you had fun. :)


  2. Donno who u r. Was looking for Suraj Thampi whom u met in Doha..I just want Suraj's number.


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