Thursday, January 04, 2007

Portfolio Report

Just thought I would do a quick report on the total performance of my portfolio. I bought my first stock after my return to India on 19-07-2006. So it's going to be six months in another 15 days. I've progressively increase my exposure starting very small and then pretty much doubling the amount I have invested every month over the past 5. I dont think its gonna be possible as the entire portfolio is now pretty substantial.

Firstly my investment principles.
1. No tips
2. Only buy and hold. No daily monitoring of stocks or daily trading.
3. Only buy stocks I have done homework on myself and whose business I understand.
4. Small portfolio - Today I have in total 6 stocks.

How have I done?

Overall I'm up about 35% on total cash invested. Considering that I've been investing progressively in an increasing manner, I would say my returns would end up being about 10-15% on a monthly basis. Decent stuff in my opinion.

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