Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was just going through Rakesh Mathur's new start-up - webaroo. I've got great respect for Rakesh and his fundamental qualities as an entrepreneur. Went to their website and downloaded the free software.

My initial reaction - who would need this?

My mid-term reaction - well, very interesting thesis and interesting idea for a product. I see the utility and I see how it should be quickly sold to someone like google.

The final verdict - will i use it. I guess I have to wait for when I dont have internet access to see if I use it to search and how usable the system is.

Very interesting indeed.

I also saw a online video of a talk by Brad Husick - one of the co founders. Now he was speaking a lot about the killer technology they've used to archive the web and etc. etc.

From my look at the system. The feature I anticipate using most - the Web Packs - Its' great to have the CIA world factbook archived for instance. How much better the experience is because of their technology - time will tell. Keep tuned for my review post six months with this stuff. It shows great promise.


  1. Hi Roshan,

    It was great to see a mention about Webaroo in your blog.

    I work for Webaroo and would recommend you to check out the latest 1.3 version of Webaroo with its new added features and multiple languages.

    Do visit the Webaroo site and share your feedback.


  2. Hi, Webaroo has released a new version of our product - Webaroo 2. This version lets you download YouTube videos, Flickr photos and more... Check it out at
    Vishy - VP, Engg - Webaroo


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