Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nice Interview with Bruce Chizen

click the link above to read the whole article. Some nice snippets:-

Chizen: My view is (that) more people will view, consume and interact with information on non-PC devices than PC devices. It is going to be less on a PC and more on mobile devices.

Chizen: It means that even though most of our customers will want to create and manage and deliver that information using their PC, we have to make sure that that information can easily be consumed on a non-PC.

If you look across the venture capital community, are you still seeing much interest in terms of the real heavy-duty software investment? Or is it pretty much over?
Chizen: Not in the traditional sense. I still see investments going into security, and I see some investment in low-end apps. I think Salesforce.com has proven to a lot of people that you don't need a $10 million solution to satisfy a simple problem. It's a much different world than it was five years ago. It's also harder to compete. It's not just about the product any longer. The big guys have gotten bigger and R&D budgets are big. It's just a tough market.


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