Monday, May 02, 2005

met an interesting guy today

Met an interesting guy today. 65 year old guy, british, was visiting his son one day in Azerbaijan, went to visit an office saw a woman, fell in love, divorced his wife in the UK who never got along with, moved to Azerbaijan and is the regional rep. for a satellite communication company based there. Bought a 1 acre plot for 20,000 USD came with a huge house, sauna, orchard with apricot trees, store to sell the jam made from the apricots, etc. Previously he's also lived for two years in the antarctic, been in the navy, served in the falklands and today he's all interested in setting up a yahoo group so manufacturers can help each other find good agents. Got to give it to you John, I wish i have such a full life by the time I am 65... Cheers, and hope to visit you soon in Baku

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