Friday, May 06, 2005

life takes unique turns

A pet peeve I have with quite a few people is on planning out life. I never seem able to plan or visualize what my life would look like 10-20 years down the line. More so, i just do things I feel strongly about and trust that I am building valuable expertise and skills. Strongly feel that life presents us with enough opportunities and its a matter of recognizing the important ones.

Met an interesting guy today whose life took a very interesting turn. He was working in India at a regular job when he was asked by one of his relatives if he would work for his boss as his personal assistant. His boss ended up being one of the highest net worth individuals in India and post meeting him decided to hire him immediately. He moved to London along with his family in a weeks time and lived along with his boss for 6 years in his 56 bed room castle on the outskirts of london. Spent 6 years assisting him with multiple investment proposals and speculative activities while seeing at close quarters how he worked and cultivating relationships of the right kinds. He's just left and decided to start something on his own but I'm sure the experience must have been out of this world.

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