Wednesday, May 11, 2005

JFK Airport, New York

Landed at JFK, managed to breeze through immigration, collect my luggage and get out in a span of 15 minutes. Dubai airport has to take a pointer from JFK. It regularly takes me 30 mins to board a flight or 30 mins to get out of dubai airport. The walk itself is an exercise. While the authorities have no doubt tried to innovate and the airport has quite a few attractions on its own to keep you amused while you walk around, for the regular traveller, its a bit of a pain. Imagine someone who flies even once a week and has to spend an hour on each trip just at dubai airport. JFK is a much larger airport than Dubai International yet its very nicely organized. Its actually massive and so probably an order of maginitude bigger than DIA. However, its organized into terminals (9 in total) each of which are reasonably small and easy to navigate into and out of and there AirTrain which is a sort of aerial train service connection all the terminals. What this means is that passengers arriving at one terminal and having a connecting flight at the other probably would take longer than a passenger doing the same in dubai but for someone getting in and exitting out of JFK the commute time is negligible. I guess these unique aspects are because DIA is more of a hub and destination in itself while with JFK, its really the big apple which is the destination.

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