Monday, May 16, 2005


Just realized something
1. Use to blog - owned by google
2. use hello to upload pictures to my blog - owned by google
3. Use Picasa to organize pictures on my desk - owned by google
4. Use for directions in California. - again by google.

Why am i not going out and buying this stock?


  1. haha good one!!!

  2. you will also soon use a google messenger.. developed by geodesic :))
    and then may be transfer funds using google money transfer... or buy tickets online using google at cheaper rates coz it has ads by google ad sense...
    After Billu we have the Googllu' taken over the world :))

  3. You might want to wonder whether any of the stuff you mentioned can be monetised. Its great to make a good product, innovative, but how do you make the buck run? I am not sure I had bet with google at the current valuation.

  4. The reason you should not/or not
    have bought GOOG @ $414 is priced $200 more than what it should be.

  5. true. valuation is everything. thats why I have not gone out and bought it.


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