Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Crisscrossing America

Ok. people. Writing this as i fly across the United States. Am taking United Flight 15 which goes from JFK in New York to Los Angeles. Have luckily got an entire row of thre seats to myself. Plonked myself down on the window seat and am taking in the sights. And a remarkable sight it is. Twenty minutes of staring out of the window at land below myself and we get to know why America is the most powerful country in the world. Miles and Miles of farms, cities, roads, houses – its got it all. I dont see a single bit of arid land. Everything below me is green and well laid out. The farms are divided into strips and some of the strips are green while the others seem like they've been left barren in a planned out manner. Shows that they've really put thought into maximising the output of the resources they have been blessed with. From an aerial view I see huge factories, power plants, highways, trains – superb infrastructure. I'm reminded of the movie Swades – its time for us to make india into a similar superpower. We are bound to reach the goal if our generation puts in some effort we will see the results for ourselves instead of our future generations.

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