Friday, April 29, 2005

Ten Much wanted technology tools

1. Bluetooth projectors, printers, scanners, headphones + mics
2. Easy to set up mobile wireless LAN / GPRS access with seamless roaming across the world
3. Mobile Software which teaches you languages in easy game format
4. the Segway in stores!!
5. Smart card + biometric access based passports so we have no more paper and stamp based hassles when travelling.
6. SMS shortcodes and Short number VAS that work when you are roaming
7. Lighter laptops with longer battery life.
8. better, more intuitive world clocks
9. an universal repository where you can register if you are going to an event so that you can network with others at the same event - doing away on our dependency that organizers have to be IT - savvy.
10. faster and easier, more painless ways to test blood, vaccinate, etc.

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