Saturday, April 30, 2005

10 people to be watched in the technology world

I've been trying to compile a list of people who must be watched. The reasons for the same are varied, some of them are experienced and some newbies but in general over the next year they are definitely the people who will drive innovation and deliver new services to the globe.

1. Steve jobs - iMac, iTunes, iMac, iChat - what next?
2. Bill Gates - need i say anymore?
3. Ed Zander - he's definitely reworking Motorola into one cool company
4. Rajesh Jain and Nicholas Negroponte - computers for all
5. Sam Palmisano - IBM
6. Larry and Sergey from Google
7. Niklas Zennstorm from Skype
8. Vivek Ranadive of Tibco - there is a lot of innovation pending from these guys
9. Paul Otellini, Intel's new CEO - he's really going to be watched esp. w.r.t. WiMax
10. Irwin Jacobs( Qualcomm), Mark Hurd (HP) and Jeff Bezos(amazon), Jerry Yang (Yahoo) - nothing expected but they need to be watched!!


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    any thoughts on a buyer for Tibco?

  2. hmm.. dont feel it can be bought but hmmm... probably a good idea would be for them to merge with someone like Sun Microsystems.

  3. you did miss out larry. I am not sure you like him, I am not sure I like him,, but must admit,that Oracle is making the smartest use of cash. They have got Iflex on a song. Realtek and Peoplesoft already in their kitty.
    also watch out for sap kagermann, not as flamboyant as larry boy, but when they do something, they do it smart, and precisely.

  4. true.. Larry is being aggressive as he is wont to be. however, I do feel the core business can be challenged by a more nimble player.


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